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River City Roofing Solutions in Decatur, AL is a roofing contractor specializes in all types of roof repairs, roof installations and roof replacements. We have years of experience as roofers in Decatur working with a variety of roofing materials including traditional shingles, metal shingles, and metal roofing for commercial and residential roofing projects. Our mission is to provide the Best Roofing Experience to our customers.


Tina Shankle Boyles

These guys are the best! I would totally recommend them to anyone that’s needing a roof. Chris and Michael Muse have a very professional work ethic with years of experience there’s no job they can’t do so give them a call at River City Roofing Solutions you’ll be glad you did. When they do a job it’s done right.

Charity Ashby

My husband and I needed to have an emergency roof repair done on our roof. River City Roofing was recommended to us by our insurance company and they did us a huge favor by suggesting them!

Chris Muse met with my husband at our house the same day, quoted my husband a fair price and told us when he could have the job done. He kept his promises and has went above board to make sure that the job was done properly and that we wouldn’t have any more problems. Chris’ team is professional, neat, and made sure that the job wasn’t just done with the work, they cleaned up great too.

Chris is very knowledgeable and experienced and it shows. He took the time to talk to my husband and myself many times to make sure we understood what needed to be done and why. We couldn’t be happier with the job they have done for us. He saved us a lot of stress and heartache with our new (to us) home.

Thank you Chris, and your team, for being so kind, professional and knowledgeable.

Any home owner who chooses to work with you all is very fortunate… just like us!

Adam Rudell

GREAT people who have decades of experience handling roofing replacements, repairs and everything to do with protecting your home. These guys are the best at what they do – TRUST River City Roofing Solutions with your # 1 investment.

Bart Roberts

I worked with Chris Muse and Dustin Shariett, but the whole River City Roofing Solutions Team did an Excellent job getting my new roof put on. They also saved me a lot of money by working with my insurance company to make sure everything got covered. I would definitely use them again. Thanks so much !!!

Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

Hiring the right roofing contractor in Decatur, AL for commercial or residential roof repairs and replacements can prove to be a difficult task. A mistake in hiring the wrong roofing contractor can prove to have serious consequences, whether it’s a waste of your time and money or an inferior result that jeopardizes your business or home or simply fails to live up to your expectations. With so many roofers in the market, be diligent in choosing one who has broad roofing experience, relevant roofing knowledge, and is properly insured and licensed.


Experience is a crucial aspect you need to consider before choosing a commercial roofing contractor in Decatur, AL. The contractor you hire must have extensive experience in the field of roofing to appropriately understand your requirements and preferences. They should have a wide range of direct and firsthand experience handling all kinds of roofing materials, buildings of all styles, shapes and sizes, and should have the proof to back it up in their portfolios and testimonials. Moreover, it is important to understand their field of expertise. For example, a roofer specializing in tile roofing cannot understand your requirements regarding a composite roof.


A good roofing contractor should be knowledgeable about all of the latest trends in the roofing industry, including new roofing materials and styles, different options at your disposal, and more. They should also know how to fix and check for roof repair problems, incorporate designs into a finished product, and match your roofing needs with a reliable solution.

Licensed and Insured:

In hiring a roofing contractor make sure they are licensed to provide services in the field of roofing and within your state. Make sure the license lists everything the contractor can do. Some states require itemization to ensure the client understands what is available.

Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, ask them for a copy of their General Liability Insurance Policy. This will ensure that you and your premises are under protection in case any accident occurs during the job. Also, request a certificate of the Workers Compensation Insurance policy to safeguard your assets and yourself in case any of their workers gets injured during the job.

Not only does this protect you from all sorts of risks, but right up front it also helps to ensure that this is a legitimate roofer who knows what they are doing, and conducts business in the right manner.

When it comes to seeking and hiring the best roofing contractor in Decatur, AL for your next roofing project consider the following:

  • – Contact local builder associations in Decatur, AL for recommendations on reputable roofing contractors
  • – Ensure the roofing contractor you choose is listed in local business directories
  • – Search online for customer reviews and feedback on roofing repairs and replacements from the roofer
  • – Visit the roofing contractor’s website to review their portfolio of previous and current roofing repairs and replacement projects

River City Roofing Solutions is licensed and insured for Decatur and all of North Alabama.

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Roofing Estimates, Payments, Warranties and Contracts

Roofing Estimates:

It’s always wise to request several accurate and reliable estimates from different contractors for the roofing services you need before you begin any roofing project. This will allow you to make a comparison between the various contractors and evaluate the price estimates provided by them to determine the most suitable one for you. Interview them thoroughly to know the quality of the products they would use.

You should always request a quote in writing before any work is done. This protects you and the company from unexpected charges at the end of the project, because everything should be itemized on the estimate. As such, you can make sure that the right nails, roofing supplies, and products are going to be used.

River City Roofing Solutions in Decatur, AL offers accurate and reliable free roofing estimates and commercial roofing quotes for roof repairs and replacements.

Roofing Payment and Financing:

Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, you may want to ask them about their financing options.

Remember, roofing contractors having the reputation of providing efficient and reliable services would never ask for advance payments. And in case they do, it would be advisable not to hire them for your roofing project. A roofing contractor who is serious about the kind of work they provide will only ask for payment when the project is finished. Only after an inspection is completed and your satisfaction is met should money be exchanged.

River City Roofing Solutions have great roofing repair and replacement financing options to fit your budget.

Roofing Labor and Materials Warranty:

Any new roof you have installed or roof repair should come with a warranty. This will ensure you are protected from material flaws or mishaps in the installation or construction of your roof. Different roofing materials or styles may have different warranty lengths, and you should know all of this information upfront so as to make the best decision.

A reputable roofing contractor will have a long history of installing roofs and many great references to provide. A good roof will last you for years and a company to back up that roof will aid you with any concerns in the future. When a roofing company is picked based on their long-standing past work, you will have a better chance of having your warranty work applied, if ever needed.

Signing the Roofing Contract

You have to be very careful before entering into an agreement with a contractor. A professional roofing contractor will give you a written contract before any work is done. Moreover, do not enter into a contract with roofing contractors who only accept cash, demand an advance of the cost, offer a discount on hiring them immediately or pressurize you to sign the agreement.

The contract will have a complete and detailed estimate of the job. Review the details of the contract very carefully and see whether everything included in the project has been listed in the agreement. The contract should include a timeline of when the work will be started and finished, the overall cost with an itemized list of roofing materials and labor involved. Your contract should also have information about the name brand of shingles to be used and all warranty details. The estimate will include removing the old roof, installation and clean up.



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